Gardenburst Rug in Blue (Pre-Order)


In portraying a home, mom’s garden paints the perfect picture of the home where Sicovecas was born and raised. Her elegant ways of watering the plants every afternoon place an emotional attachment to Sicovecas. Now, his mom’s garden has flourished abundantly and healthily – no one takes better care of the plants other than a mother. Original artwork by Sicovecas, hand-tufted and hand-carved in Indonesia.

Material: 100% Arcrylic Wool

Product Dimention: 100×155

Care Instruction:
– Clean regularly with light vacuum to prevent dust
– Remove spills immediatey with a clean damp cloth
– Keep away from sharp objects, hot surfaces, and open fire
– Do not pull loose / protruding ends, neatly clip it with scissors
– Do not shake or beat rug rigorously
– Do not dry clean
– Do not let rug soak in any liquid
– Do not bleach or use harsh chemicals
– To store, do not fold, roll the rug with the front side facing inwards

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