• MIBOSO: Mind, Body, Soul Experience by Sulla Home X IMAJI Studio

    Sulla Home X IMAJI Studio “We are a sleep deprived society” In this fast-paced world, with technology at our fingertips, we are constantly dwelling in the realm of it, from waking up to ending off the day. Striving for an ideal work-life-balance becomes a struggle which compromises not just the quantity of sleep, but also …

  • The Snuggle Set

    It’s the most beautiful time of the year; A time to gather, A time to give, A time to get cozy with your loved ones. A Limited Edition Christmas Hampers for you and your loved ones. The perfect accompaniment to get cozy together during the holiday season.   The Snuggle Box IDR 849.000 1  Sulla [...] More
  • Sleepwalking in Sumba

    How comfortable is too comfortable? The Sulla family uncovers one of Indonesia’s prettiest treasures; Sumba. Through hills, waterfalls, oceans, and savannas, the wonders stretches beautifully and infinitely from East to West of Sumba, capturing breathtaking landscapes that our eyes could not get enough of. How the island and all the gems surrounding it greeted us [...] More
  • Sleepwalking in Jakarta

    How comfortable is too comfortable? In this new journal series, we uncover sleepwalking with Sulla all around Jakarta. As where Sulla is based, Jakarta has a special place in our hearts. Despite its crazy traffic jams, highly polluted air, jam-packed sea of people, there are bits and bobs of Jakarta that holds its precious charm. [...] More
  • A Coalesce (in Collaboration with The Taable)

    It shook her Collided her She pranced in the feeling Weaved in ethereality Danced in magic Two worlds, she thought To her knees, she fell As life became new For she experienced A spark, a flame, a thrill A beauty, renewed In her eyes, she gleamed In her heart, she longed Two worlds, have become [...] More
  • Sulla Sunday with Salvita Decorte

    Born and raised in Bali, Salvita Decorte is now juggling an acting career, painting and motherhood all at once. At her modest yet cozy apartment, we spent the afternoon taking sleepy photos by the rocking chair, talking about her artworks, making a pile of sulla throws and of course, playing around with her energetic son.   There's [...] More
  • Sulla Sunday with Olivia Lazuardy

    Our first series of Sulla Sunday featuring one of the most renown fashion blogger in Indonesia, Olivia Lazuardy. In this series, we will feature people who doesn't take comfort for granted. Those whom are always on the go, but truly understand what it means by creating ethereal comfort at home. Why Sunday? Well, for a start Sunday is [...] More
  • Snooze Everywhere: Jakarta

    One fine day in Jakarta, we decided to take a stroll through the streets discovering hidden spots where you can snooze with Sulla. More
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