Windblown Rug (Pre-Order)


As graffiti is depicted by the act of drawing on someone else’s property without permission, this act lays a happy spot for Sicovecas – drawing freely on an empty house as his canvas while the wind blows and accompanies Sicovecas during his meditative scene of painting.

Original artwork by Sicovecas, hand-tufted and hand-carved in Indonesia.

Material: 100% Arcrylic Wool

Product Dimention: 64×93

Care Instruction:
– Clean regularly with light vacuum to prevent dust
– Remove spills immediatey with a clean damp cloth
– Keep away from sharp objects, hot surfaces, and open fire
– Do not pull loose / protruding ends, neatly clip it with scissors
– Do not shake or beat rug rigorously
– Do not dry clean
– Do not let rug soak in any liquid
– Do not bleach or use harsh chemicals
– To store, do not fold, roll the rug with the front side facing inwards

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