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Sulla Sunday with Salvita Decorte

Born and raised in Bali, Salvita Decorte is now juggling an acting career, painting and motherhood all at once. At her modest yet cozy apartment, we spent the afternoon taking sleepy photos by the rocking chair, talking about her artworks, making a pile of sulla throws and of course, playing around with her energetic son.


Sulla Sunday Sal-01


There’s a great sense of freedom expressed through your paintings. What drives the purpose behind your work?
Painting is my preferred way to express or even “let go” of my emotions. Just like how some people write a diary. It takes a lot of honesty to finish a piece as I have to be honest with myself and I have to eventually ‘see’ my true feelings – which is not always easy and takes a lot of time

Sulla Sunday Sal-04


What’s something about you that most people wouldn’t know?
Hmmmm, I’m actually more Indian than I am Indonesian.

What is home to you?
Home is love and its memories. It’s a familiar smell (haha). It’s where the heart is, and that’s where the family is.

Sulla Sunday Sal-02

Sulla Sunday Sal-03

How do you set the tone for your day?
Im working on this! I’m not quite a morning person but my son is an early riser. However just taking him out of bed and prepping his breakfast does put me in a positive vibe. Music helps a lot too haha and of course a cup of coffee!

How do you wind down after a long day?
I go to the garden and play with my son. But when he’s asleep I take a long warm shower.

Sulla Sunday Sal-05


Sulla Sunday Sal-06

What’s the best thing about motherhood?
I’ve got this little boy whom I love whole heartedly and I get to watch him grow each day. The whole process is quite a ride. There were definitely some lows and hard times but when I look back at them now I have a smile on my face.

Can you describe your mood at the moment with a song/album?
It’s Only a Paper Moon by Ella Fitzgerald. Also, I Want to Break Free by Queen.


Sal’s Sulla Picks
Dark Grey Throw
Dusty Pink/Taupe Throw
Cinereous/Cinereous Throw

Photographed by Olen Riyanto
Edited by Talenna Fedrian
Styled by Beata Primana & Talula Fidelia