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Sulla Sunday with Olivia Lazuardy

Our first series of Sulla Sunday featuring one of the most renown fashion blogger in Indonesia, Olivia Lazuardy. In this series, we will feature people who doesn’t take comfort for granted. Those whom are always on the go, but truly understand what it means by creating ethereal comfort at home.

Why Sunday? Well, for a start Sunday is the day of rest. Probably the slowest day of the entire week. And we would be delighted to end your week with a dose of dreamy spaces and places. Here we go!

Olivia is known for her elegant yet timeless style. Her aesthetics are prominent not only through her wardrobe but all throughout her Instagram photos, Youtube channel and last but not least her lovely home. One fine morning we joined Olivia at her home, accompanied with her fluffy white pup named Chanel.

Olivia Lazuardy x Sulla Home-13

Olivia Lazuardy x Sulla Home-14

Thank you for inviting us to your beautiful home! What’s the story behind it?
I had always wanted a natural, rustic-styled house. In short, I want to make – not only a beautiful house – but also it has to feel like home. So I discussed with my interior designer, gave them a few benchmarks of what I wanted, and then here I am.

Can you tell us a little bit about the style of the interior? What inspires you?
The style would be minimalist and modern, I guess. I always have a picture of my dream house so that’s what inspires me most.

What is it really like to be a fashion blogger? 
Being a social media influencer changes my life in ways that I didn’t imagine – and one thing I love most is how much I have grown and learned from people. Social media allows us to connect with people, even more so than the society 20 years ago. So these days, I find inspiring people through the connections that I make in this journey.


Olivia Lazuardy x Sulla Home-11

You’ve been a fashion blogger full-time for 3 years. What’s your craziest experience so far?
Getting a tremendous support from incredible people around the world, leaving positive comments here and there, and to an extent where people recognise me off the street while I was traveling abroad. Up till this moment, I still cannot believe people are actually following my feed. I am so blessed and without their continuous support, I might not be able to make it.

You must be very busy juggling between taking care of your blog, your youtube channel and your own personal fashion line Calla. How do you spend your down time?
I spend my down time with my closest ones, and with God. With God, it is usually in the morning – while with my closest ones, it feels like recharging so it can happen in anywhere, as long as I am with them.

Olivia Lazuardy x Sulla Home-26

Olivia Lazuardy x Sulla Home-29

If you could choose out of any fashion designer to design and decorate one room in your house, who would it be? And why?
I think it’d be Chriselle Lim (although she is not specifically a fashion designer). I always love her fashion sense, business mind, and interior knowledge.

Top three tips in making a cozy home?
Marble, wood, and white spaces.

If you could only have 3 items in your wardrobe to be worn forever, what would it be?
Denim jacket, white shirt and mini skirt.

Olivia Lazuardy x Sulla Home-1
Olivia’s Sulla Pick
Blue/Light Grey Duotone Throw, Grey Duotone Throw, Cinereous Bean Bag
Photography by Talenna Fedrian
Special thanks to Beata Primana