sulla home | Sleepwalking in Jakarta
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Sleepwalking in Jakarta

How comfortable is too comfortable? In this new journal series, we uncover sleepwalking with Sulla all around Jakarta. As where Sulla is based, Jakarta has a special place in our hearts. Despite its crazy traffic jams, highly polluted air, jam-packed sea of people, there are bits and bobs of Jakarta that holds its precious charm.

It’s the striking colors of the modes of transportation from the rich teal of Kopaja, to the bold blue of Bajaj and not to mention the sea of vibrant green of Gojek, roaming the streets in a spontaneous manner. It’s the excitement to find a push-to-walk pedestrian button that actually works. It’s hunting down the finest street foods in hidden alleys. It’s the loud and chatty street vendors who sells the most colorful and flamboyant sunglasses to hide from the – what feels like – 24/7 sun. Jakarta in its whole being is vibrant, spontaneous, and humorous at the same time.



Photographed by Nadia Rompas
Talent Joandita Centika
Video by Talenna Fedrian
Styled by Talula Fidelia