sulla home | A Coalesce (in Collaboration with The Taable)
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A Coalesce (in Collaboration with The Taable)

It shook her
Collided her
She pranced in the feeling
Weaved in ethereality
Danced in magic
Two worlds, she thought
To her knees, she fell
As life became new
For she experienced
A spark, a flame, a thrill
A beauty, renewed
In her eyes, she gleamed
In her heart, she longed
Two worlds, have become one

Art Direction by The Taable
Videography by Elise Orlowski
Photography by Talenna Fedrian
Wardrobe by Poly & Cotton
Styled by Talula Fidelia and Beata Primana
Words by Beata Primana
Special Thanks to Theresia Agustina and Rini Tedjamulyana